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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The tiniest egg ever

How cute is this tiny egg? Adorable!

On the left is a normal sized egg, in the center - the tiniest egg ever - and on the right one of the "normal" small pullet eggs, like what Baby Barnee laid earlier in January.

Unfortunately, shortly after I snapped this pic Nicholas came crashing in and knocked the smallest two eggs off the counter. Nicholas!  The pullet egg (on the right) was a normal egg and in fact I'm using them a lot for cooking. Its fun to have these very small eggs on rancho huevos, for instance, or on a spectacular plate of hash. I couldn't tell if the tiniest egg had a yolk or not because of the way it broke.. but my experience is that they usually do. How fun is that?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Mr. H. said...

Now that's a tiny egg. Speaking of small eggs, I'm curious, do your guinea hens lay eggs regularly?

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Aren't pullet eggs fun! Our children liked to blow them out and fool people with them, by sneeking them into their cartons, LOL!!!

We had a thriple yolker just days ago, it was as big as a turkey egg, poor hen!


CallieK said...

So jealous of your eggs! Since we are not allowed to keep chickens in the city here, I am considering raising quail. They can be raised in very small spaces and lay the tiniest pretty eggs!

IanH said...

It looks like I would need about a dozen of those for a breakfast sandwich.

Mama Mess said...

Hey that's funny cuz in my experience those witty bitty eggs don't have yolks! It's always funny to get those little guys.......makes me wonder if a song bird snuck in, or maybe there is a wren back in the woodpile of my birds heritage......

My chicks are coming in May and I can't wait, I've been birdless for too long.

Chai Chai said...

At first I thought the egg on the left was from 1980, the right one from 1995, and the little one from 2011 - inflation and all.

I wonder what would cause a chicken to lay an egg that small?

Journey11 said...

Wow, that is a tiny one. I save mine; I blow them out and use them for decoration.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Mr. H..um I tried really had for a way for this to NOT be saucy.. so... no. Bob and Roy, our guineas, do not lay. Lady guineas apparently are seasonal layers. We had 3 hens and all of them were killed by Foxy Brown. Apparently they shriek like howler monkeys unless they are being drug off their nests.

Hi Kelle! Triple yolker! Wow that's amazing! WOW!

Hey CallieK - can you have just hens and no roosters? I have a pal who raises quail and loves them.

You said it, Ian, but they are right size if you really want more and one egg but less than two. Two of these small fries are just right.

GW, you have been birdless for too long! Cluck cluck cluck!

CC - inflation and all.. yep. The pullet eggs are from a hen who's just starting to lay for the first time or is starting to lay after a break (like a molt). Its just a way for her egg system to get up and running.

Great work, Journey! I be they are adorable as decorations.

Summersweet Farm said...

That is truly adorable. I haven't gotten one like that yet, but I wouldn't know what to do with it if I did!

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