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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching up, moving fast, and weather coming

I'm not sure how it got to be the 11th of June but this month is really moving right along. This summer season feels like trying to catch a moving train. While I have been loving the rain it also means the weeds are growing fast. I'll be weeding most of the day trying to get ahead of the next round of storms and rain.

In my muddled state this is the only pic I could find. My favorite little duck.

Pretty much we are maintaining our breakneck pace. Luckily (??) this week we are on a extremely early wake up schedule. It was so bad that it was lighter when we went to bed last nite than when we got up this morning. I convinced myself that this is going to be great because I can get so much done in the morning. But of course, now I'm too tired to charge right out there.

The good news is that I'm getting a lot done. The bad news is that I'm way behind in my correspondence (in general) and comments! I'll get caught up soon but I want you all to know how much I appreciate everyone's participation both here and also on 'the facebook.'

It is so hard to try and explain this life to people with "regular" lives - the amount of work, time, and attention that is required to get this battleship-sized-farm turned in the right direction is exhausting. My project list is oh... about a mile long...and every victory of checking another item off the list is immediately replaced by the anxiety of adding five more things.

I can't do this until I do that but in the meantime I need to chase a baby duck around the yard and try and find his momma... or sure - I need to sweep out the goat and hen yard so I can have all that valuable mulch but if I don't mow our newly cleared area then I might as well give up on that for this year....and don't forget all the tilling I need to do in the new space in the upper garden which I will do just as soon as I stake up the heavily laden fruit trees...oh no! Goose vs Duck fight! Break it up you two! And then it's "Dog! Get over here and get this insane turkey off of me!"

That's pretty much how my days go. If I'm lucky I'll get in the house in time to make dinner. I kid you not the other night my husband and I ate directly from the fry pan while we were standing over the stove - at 11pm.

I'm pretty sure my friends have all abandoned me and are wondering if I'm just ignoring them but I'm not. I'm just trying to keep up. Sorry, you-know-who-you-are.... don't read anything into it other than I just don't have 5 seconds to put a thought together.

On top of all the chaos we have weather coming in later this week. My friend Vicki reminded me that I need to have my storm preps in order. So I'll do that just as soon as I solve the problem of the musical poultry, till the garden, mow the newly cleared space, plant the shade area of the garden, and try and kill all those weird red bugs that are everywhere with soapy water. But first.... "Dog! Get this insane turkey off of me!"

Happy Tuesday everyone! Were you up early today?


AZdesertFarmer said...


Heavens Door Acres said...

Oh, I feel your pain..trust me. LOL I haven't had time to do my OWN blog,( I will head over there as soon as I finish here) Storms coming i here too....I am SURE the weeds out there in the garden are laughing at me as they quickly try to produce their ugly seed heads. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS I say! As soon as I put momma duck and her babies outside, after I secure that gate to her pen, on my way to feed the others and let the chickens out...while going through my mind...did I take anything out for supper!??

Unknown said...

Sounds like you need an extra pairs of hands! I hope you can catch your breath, and take a moment. Cute duck!

Carolyn said...

I stopped trying to "explain" our lives to others long ago. It seems that all most want to do is make fun of it, roll there eyes or bad talk it anyhow. If they don't get it, they likely won't ever get it.

David said...

Keep on keeping on! The farm waits for no one!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thats on the list, AZ... ;-)

Thanks, HDA.. its a crazy ride.

Hi Nancy! I might have caught a bit of a break...

Yep Carolyn.. that's exactly what we've found. Too bad they dont know the truth.

The farm waits for no one is just right, Dave. :-)

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