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Friday, June 21, 2013

More Baby Gooses

A few shots of the little meepin' cuties out there. I think we ended up with 5....

There was one trying to pip out but I don't think he made it. Cindy Lou Goose is still staying with the nest but she is going to have to quit it soon. The little ones are really lively and running around. Kai and Zander think the "squeaky toys" are amazing. You can bet there is going to be a lot of supervision around here.

Unfortunately the younger ganders have been given the boot from the nursery. For most of this hatching they have been standing guard with OD... but yesterday they started fighting with him. While I was busting up a brawl one of the younger ganders rushed in, grabbed one of the babies - and threw him!

So you can bet I snatched that bad gander up, using my modified-sumo-half-nelson-tricky-goose-grab, and marched him right out of the yard. So they are very upset now. They will be even more upset when I set them out by the road with Nibbles' "Free to a BAD Home" sign.

In other news, we've had spectacular weather the last couple of days. I know that it will change starting today when we'll be at least 90*.... but these last blue sky, low humidity days.... just like heaven.

Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing on this longest day of the year?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Such cuties! We had call ducks hatch yesterday. The adults are small...those little babies...about the size of a healthy mouse! Babies on the farm....this makes a day much better.

Rae said...

Yay! Lovin the goose baby pics. :) And I snatch up our gander the same way. Gotta grab that head, or he goes right for the face. Lol. Stupid jerk loves my husband, though.

Unknown said...

How cute:) Nice to have some good weather. It's 70 here and clear. No 90's yet!

Chai Chai said...

Doctor: "That is a pretty bad bruise but I don't think anything is broken. How did you get it?"

OFG: "I was wrestling with some animals on the farm."

Doctor: "Ah, cattle? Horses? greased pigs - ha, ha ha. Was it one of those Dire Wolf dogs of yours?"

OFG: "Nope, it was a gosling."

Doctor: "I really need to learn to stop asking you questions."

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