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Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Support a Soldier Project is a Huge Success!

WOW! I got the final tally for our project to support a soldier and it was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone who participated in this great project!

Remember that I'm using all the proceeds from my Amazon store for the month of May to send a very nice care package to a soldier. I'm waiting to hear back if they would like "this" or "that" included in the box and then I'll get the order sent right out. I'm absolutely stunned at how much we'll be able to send. Yay!

Some folks really went above and beyond. I heard from a few of you who let me know about some big purchases...... and to whoever bought that really expensive something.... honestly. Thank you.

But I'm not forgetting everyone who got movies or Kindle books either - are you kidding?!? It all added up. I was a little worried if we'd get enough for free shipping and we sure did...and then some. I'm going sign the card "From All of Us."

I think the best thing that happened was that more folks found out how they could support our troops - even in small ways. I heard from a number of you who were moved to tears when you received a thank you email from sending a Cup of Joe for a Joe - which I think is the funnest program ever. Thanks to everyone who shared this great program with their friends.. who told two friends... who told two friends... and so on and so on.

Some folks really got involved and signed up with HBCarepackages - which is really fun. I have a new penpal soldier - who I was matched up with from the HB gals - and it's probably the most fun I've had in a while. They found me the perfect person to send chatty emails to and I'm so glad that I can send support this way.

Someone asked me for the short version of how you find a soldier to support - it's so easy:

1. Sign up with HBCarepackages -   this is more of a Facebook group. The gals who run this are really enthusiastic and tons of fun. They have some great information about what to send in care packages. They also have all kinds of tips and tricks about how to get the best deals like free shipping and discounts.

2. Go to AnySoldier.com and choose a soldier. This is where I learned that soldiers are asking friends and strangers to send them breakfast. Think you are a tough guy? Just see how you feel when you read about tough conditions and how these soldiers would really just love some cereal. Or a blanket. A warning tho, this program is highly addictive.

3. Get really brave, take a chance...and send a complete stranger a hello. I found "our" soldier completely by chance (or "divine appointment" as my favorite teacher says) when I was clicking around. I normally don't do things like that but I did and wow am I glad that it worked out! Now I have a new friend, we get to support a soldier, and I'm learning about things I'd normally would not know about.

I know that everyone is probably interested in more details... but part of supporting a soldier is knowing that protecting their identity is a huge responsibility. So while I can't say much more about the special equipment we are sending, or what kind of work they do or where they are stationed.... I'll just leave this little hint here and you can guess for yourself..... after that - mum's the word.

Thank you, everyone, for your generous support for this project. We really are going to make a difference.

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for supporting a soldier!

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