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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Started with Chickens - My Interview with Eight Acres!

Doesn't everyone just love Farmer Liz over at Eight Acres? She was gracious enough to ask for another interview with me on her "Getting Started" series. This is a great interview series with bloggers sharing their experiences. Ever wanted to know how to get started? Check it out!

Here is what I had to say about Getting Started with Chickens. Thanks Farmer Liz!


Chai Chai said...

OK, I read that article 3 times and couldn't find the phrase; "Free to bad home."

Only 1 guinea left? You need to get more!

Great article and pictures although only regular readers will get the hidden innuendos and jokes!

Emma said...

Your photos are so lovely, and I love how positive you are about the harsher sides of chicken keeping, ie. butchering those nasty roosters and keeping predators out.

Linda said...

Wow that's a huge flock you have there! And I'm with you on the rogue roosters. If they get nasty they need to be dispatched!

David said...

Great Post! - It really covered a wide gamut and make me want chickens more than ever!

Unknown said...

You really sound passionate about your birds and I really enjoyed looking at all the photos of your various feathered friends.

Have you heard of Chinese Geese before? A friend of mine keeps them on his farm as watchdogs too. They're less aggressive towards people though so might be interesting for you to have a look at. Here's a photo of what they look like: Image link

Chai Chai said...

Oh yes, I agree! The Good Land needs some Chinese Geese. I hear they are working on an Immigration Bill in Congress....

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I had to tone it down for the new audience, CC, I'm sure you understand.

Thanks Emma! We really love all aspects of chicken keeping.

Yep, Linda, life is too short for a mean rooster.

Thanks Dave! There is so much to love about having your own flock.

Yep, Tanya, the Chinese geese are a scream... but my favs are the lovely Toulousse, like our dear Penny who passed on a couple years ago.

CC, stop it. *snicker*

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