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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is Back!

Summer is back and it's a hotsy totsy! Wow the heat and humidity have come on. Yesterday was really something.

Early morning light on this lovely bloom.

The entire barnyard was feeling the heat so today it's an early morning for everyone. We are getting the troops out early this entire week. The neighbor's may not like the noisy parade of geese so early but they'll just have to get over it. We are implementing all of our extreme hot weather care tips to keep everyone as happy as possible.

I made a swamp cooler for the meat chickens and they loved it. I just filled a bucket of extra cold water in front of the fan. The meats all lined up in front of it to get the cool breeze. Last nite I put a bucket of water in the freezer and I'll put that in front of the fan later today.

This little buddy has a tiny tuft on this head. Adorable!

The baby geese are doing great. We are keeping part of the grass in their yard wet so they can keep cool. Cindy Lou Goose is keeping them all together and in the shade. She and OD have a pool of cool water to splash around in to beat the heat. The young ganders continue to stomp around outside the yard in a rage. They are still In Trouble.

The goats are doing OK. They are spending a lot of time in a shade and in the cool grass. I'll be giving them extra minerals today and will give them fresh water several times today. There was a lot of complaining yesterday.

Today will pretty much be about sitting around and doing the rounds. Hopefully we'll get some rain later - if not, it will be lots of watering for the garden.

Happy Sunday everyone - are you keeping everyone cool?

1 comment:

David said...

We never got the heat they were calling for. Perhaps today. Stay cool! And be vewy vewy quite, we're hunting wabbits....

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