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Friday, July 2, 2010

Duck - its what for dinner

It was just like steak...and those 'taters where some of the new ones I pulled one just to see if they were big enough.  All fried together in some bacon fat and finished in a hot oven. Served with zucchini au gratin and home made bread - you got yourself a $30 meal at a nice restaurant -  made and grown at home for the cost of about fifty cents. It was delicious!

If anyone wants to quibble over "there's no such thing as a free duck" you are welcome to read my thoughts on that here..... now if you will excuse me, I'm gonna go and get some free buttermilk and make myself some pie.

Happy dinner everyone!
ps No, duck is not greasy - someone started that rumor in the 1970's and it just stuck. Neither is goose for that matter....don't ask me how I know.. and for heavens sakes don't tell the Meeps!


Chai Chai said...

That looks just delicious. Fried in bacon fat? The health police will be beating down your door.

The Agrarian said...

Hi! I've just read your info on keeping goats. I rescued a goat family about six months ago. They were quite ill (malnourished, sick) when we got them but are now healthy (yeah - even the bald goat got all her hair back). I am feeding the alfalfa, grains, and they have salt blocks. I've read about the baking soda and B1. How often do you give your goats these? Are the human B1 vitamins doable? Thanks for any input. Farmer
@ www.farmer-rosehillfarm.blogspot.com

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Great work on the rescue! Yep, you can go and get the B1 vitamins at good ol' walmart. Check out the link on the right for TN Meat Goats.. they have the info for dosage. In an acute situation you can give B1 several times a day for 3 - 5 days.

You can just take a box of baking soda and dump it in a feed box/bucket as free choice. If their bellies are upset they will eat it as they like.

I'll send you an email later today. But sounds like you are getting them into shape. Have you wormed them? Remember that dry grass hay is good if anyone gets a little bloaty - and try not to over due the grains. A handful of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (BOSS) is a great supplement and a fine treat.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Are you kidding, CC? I'm the person that makes the food police twitch. I drink RAW milk, there are eggs on the counter that have never been in the refrigerator...and I killed a pig in the yard and ATE IT.

Just take all that diet info from the women's magazines and throw it right in the trash. Then get ya some lard and fry up something from the garden, have some cobbler with cream, and then show the food police your shorts that are too big. I either need to eat more pie or buy smaller shorts...

Tabatha said...

You tell 'em OFG!

Mmmmmm duck

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