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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mrs. Dowlrimple & chicks on walk about...and Farm Notes

She's out! Mrs. Dowlrimple took her chicks out on walkabout this morning. Just a short trip out to get a few bugs and to see The Whole Wide World.
Small chicks in a big world

Getting them back in the brooder is like herding bugs. They are so small! But see that they are starting to get their little wings feathers. We'll have to play musical brooders soon.... we are making progress convincing Runner that she is a TURKEY and should be with the other turks...and not with her chicks which are mostly grown.

I need to get some Farm Notes in so I don't forget....:
* Bramble laid an egg! And Turkey Momma has about 5 or 6 in a good nest. We are so relieved. Here's hoping for some late summer/early fall turkey hatches. Whew! We feel better now about dressing the jakes earlier than we may have done if we didn't need the space.
* BTW, we had a turkey breast over taters yesterday and it was fabulous. I've got stock going on the stove and am about to part up the rest of them.
* Our other setting hen, I think she is going to become Mrs. Beezley, seems to be doing OK. She must be due to hatch next week. I'm not sure if the eggs are any good because of all the broody hen battles. I'll take her up if nothing happens.
* Bianca The Sweet Little White Duck, or Pig Pen, as we are calling her is making a nice nest in the garage. At least we can keep an eye on her.
* The geese took the goslings down to the pond yesterday! I missed the whole thing... My hubby said the adults formed a tight knot around the little ones and kept them in the center. On a funny note, Penny - who is pretty wonky - kinda just swims in circles. We love her. Penny has a funny wing and a bad leg so when she paddles, she just spins around. What a gal!

The key piece of news that I need to remember is that I started 5 or 6 flats of seeds. I'm really riding the line as far as "too late" goes for some of the squash.  I'm just inside the "90 days till first frost" for our region but I'm hoping that this late planting will defeat the evil squash bugs. I also started some other things - greens and leeks that can take a frost so hopefully I'll get a second growing season in as John Jeavons suggests in his wonderful book, "How to grow more vegetables....." and also on his site here

I have this funny idea that, in my free time, I'll actually be able to build a couple of hoop houses and use them as late season greenhouses this fall/winter and then as brooders in the spring. In my free time... ha ha ha ha every time I say it I laugh.

Its still be unmercifully hot and muggy. Dog #1 knows how to cool off:
...splash down...
now thats a happy dog!

Oh.. and we got spectacular peaches... yum....


Chai Chai said...

The way you were leading up to this by describing how hot it was I thought for sure you would be the one pictured diving into the water, not the dog.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

HA! There ain't no way I'm gettin' in that water. Round here was have The Legend of Ol' Snappy...

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