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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everybody's roosting, surprise ducklings, and Farm Notes

Look what Miss Duck came walking around the corner with this morning.. my golly.....
Surprise ducklings

One of my pals asked for an update on Mrs. Dowlrimple and the Bugs... they are just adorable. Mrs. D has been taking them around outside all day. Letting them roam free during the day is one of those "hold your breath" moments...but she's a good momma and keeps them all together. They are hilarious and are really changing - colors are deepening and feathers coming in.  There is always a big hullabaloo everywhere they go.

Mrs. D and the Bugs... and Mr. Tibbles

Lately they've all been roosting on the highest perch. Some of them can't quite make the fly all the way up so there is generally a big hubbub. I put one up, another one hops off...then can't get back up and stands there screaming until I put him up..and another one hops off. This goes on for a while.

The fluffiest bottom to the far left is Mr. Tibbles - the roo of the Salmon Favorelle trio. He is a scream. Last nite he got up on the roof of the hen house. I stood there and scolded him, "Mr. Tibbles! You come down here right now."

He did.

Farm Notes (from yesterday):
* Finally, the weather has broken and we had a perfect summer day.
* Our pear tree is so loaded that its practically dragging the ground. I'm thinking the harvest will be earlier than we thought.
* I got the beans (that I started in trays) planted - probably a week or so late but they are nice and tall and tonight they should root in well with our cool night.
* Tons of weeding followed by lots of feeding the weeds to the pigs.
* One of our setting turkey hens flew out of her brooder like a crazed demon this morning. I'm thinking her eggs are alive and are close to hatching. Turkeys = crazy.
* I was totally annoyed at all the weeds today - until I realized how much bee activity was going on...and butterflies as well.
* Based on our new arrivals we took up most of Miss Puddles' nest. She saw me! Oh no! I just hate that.
* One of our uber-broody banty hens finally gave it up. Whew! She didn't know what she was doing at all. I'm glad she quit the nest.
* The male Kindergarten - now known as The Rooster Crew are getting big and meaty. I think I counted seven roos. They are getting hard to deal with and refuse to roost with the ladies. That's OK.. keeps 'em nice and tender that way...
* We moved the inside Meeps, who are now almost completely feathered in, to a new day pen. They needed more grazing space and I needed my Front Garden back.


Unknown said...

Adorable photos! I immediately wondered how those babies were getting up on that roost, then I read ready your hysterical explanation. I can sooo relate! So happy we are finally getting a break from the humidity, if only for a couple days. Enjoy!

Mr. H. said...

I love that picture of the little ones on the roost, adorable.:) Wish I had your pear tree, ours is just doing OK this year.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Javamama! Oh I am LOVING the cool mornings! And my little "Bugs" too... they are so funny to watch all day.

Hi Mr H! Our whole region has a fruit bonanza this year - peaches, pears, and apples.. the trees are just burdened with them. Of course we are more than happy to "relieve" them of that burden!

Chai Chai said...

First you express your love for OD, then I read about you preparing special treats for the pigs - just how hot was it there?

Good thing the weather has broke for the cooler.

I love the picture of the little chicks on the perch.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Baby its HOT! I've plumb lost my mind! And them weeds get those piggies bigger and bigger

Grandpa said...

Hi fg, stumbled accross your blog -spent a good part of the morning reading it, yes from your first post, how you gave ye finger to the city, etc. Nice story.

I wanted to do the same thing but lasted almost all of my working life working. I did plan for retirement though - searched for a piece of land and carved the tropical jungle out into a farm. That was some ten years ago. Now I live on the farm and enjoy every minute of it - not much luck with the vegies though.

Just decided to pen down my adventure - in a blog rather than on paper, even though at my age (some twenty years older than you, I reckon) I sometimes find technology overwhelming.

Do drop by when you have time to spare, ya

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Grandpa! Wow do I love saying "Grandpa"... all of our grandparents have passed and so that just made my day!

Thanks for stopping by - I'd love to hear your story as well.

Your farm is just beautiful. I've spent a lot of time in Hawaii - so I'm familiar with your "neck of the woods" as we say around here. The fruit must be amazing. Some folks I know have had luck with raised beds or container gardening in the jungle. May be a way to get some veggies going. Are you actively farming the tilapia?

When you are good and ready we'll walk you thru "how to" dress some of your chickens. But until then enjoy the eggs! (Do you ever have fried rice with an egg on top for breakfast? This is my favorite!)

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