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Monday, October 25, 2010

Meats on the move

The meats are on the move - their first big outing... I love the one in front taking a jaunty step...

It took a while for them to work up the courage to march outside. But after I moved their drinker they got curious and all headed right on out. We don't have a great place to put them on pasture right now, but since we are still doing a lot of work outside I can keep an eye on them. Except when I turned my back and the goose brute squad showed up and scared them back inside. Yikes!


Quick creepy meat update - they are doing great. They are just over 5 weeks old, fully feathered out, and had their first night outside without any heat from the lights. We had a mild, dry night so it was the perfect time to show them the all night darkness. Of course, I checked on them to make sure they weren't in a heap or screaming - but they were just fine.  They still think its hilarious to swarm around me and peck at my feet. Keep laughing, meats.. just keep on laughing.

Just a quick update and a hello to everyone for now...Hopefully there will be lots of fun pix and big news tomorrow.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Mama Mess said...

Hmmm, big news you saucy wench.......toying with us aren't you? Muuwaahhahhaaa!

Glad the creeps are doing well. The Paintiff cleaned out the deep freeze yesterday so I can see what we've got meat wise. We are still doing good on chicken, so will not be ordering our own creepies for a bit.

Can't wait to hear the big news! Have a good day

Mr. H. said...

That is a fine looking flock of birds you have there.I still remember when we first let our chickens out into the big scary world...they were so fun to watch trying to run and fly and doing a poor job at both.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi GW! I love that you call me a saucy wench! ha!

Thanks Mr H! They are funny little birds..for sure. These guys have a standing leap of about 2 inches which makes it even funnier

katiegirl said...

My mob my feet as well. It's hard to carry 2 5 gallon buckets of water and avoid stepping on chickens all at the same time! Luckily mine only have about 4 more days on this earth!

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