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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To friends and family... & Farm Report

To all our friends and family,

For Christmas this year you are all getting pears. Pear sauce, canned pears, frozen pears, roasted pears, pear pie, pear chutney, pears, pears, and more pears. Pears any way you can possibly imagine. Lots and lots of pears....

For heaven's sakes. I might just open a pear shop on Etsy. Wow.

In other fall farm news.... its beautiful here now.

A fall scene, driving the other day

The cutest thing I saw today was Pig Pen... I mean... Bianca really showing her mommy side. Remember she hatched little Happy in the garage? Today one of the older drakes was picking on Happy so Bianca stomped right up that drake, who was at least twice her size, and grabbed him by the tail! Then she really started giving him the business. When he could he got loose he ran away. It was adorable. Ducks are so much fun. 

Except for our herd of young duck hens. They all figured out they can get up on top of the chicken house by using those flappy things on their sides. We have to spray them with the hose to get them down so we can put them away for the night.  And sometimes there is a lot of running around. By me. Sheesh!

Farm notes:
* Nibbles is back - and back to normal. Well. She's moody and complains about everything. She's still very happy to be by herself.  Won't she be surprised...
* ...We'll be getting Debbie back this week, hopefully. Two complaining, moody goats is going to be just great. Five looooooong months.
* Floppy and the Five are doing great. I can tell there at least 2 roosters in that crew.
* However, Mrs. Dowlrimple's Bugs seem to be mostly hens. They are following one of the new roosters around the yard and are really starting to roam far and wide. We had to chase them out of the woods a couple of times. 
* One of this spring's hens seems to be laying! I keep finding little tiny eggs.
* Which is good because the rest of the laying hens are on strike! They are all molting and look ridiculous.  They don't lay eggs when they are going thru their molt. But they do look like they've been run over by a plucker.
* Pigz are getting big. They are really doing a lot of digging lately - which is great for us. All of that bramble and poison ivy will be gone for next spring.
* The Four Pack - the baby poults we hatched - are doing great. They are getting really long in the leg. They will be in a brooder for a while. We need to work on a safe place for them out in the turkey house.
* We got another section of the winter wheat into the upper garden. Some of the earlier sections are already popping up.

We have a lot of things going on this week.  We need to work on potatoes, pumpkins, sauerkraut, and get another ton or so of gravel. And get Debbie.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are you peeping leaves?


Mama Mess said...

LOL about all your pears.........maybe I'm rethinking those pear trees??

We've been busy too, the weather has been so nice allowing us to get lots done!

ps, what you mean "peeping leaves"?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Its a lot of pears!

Oh.. golly I think its a regional expression meaning to "go and look at the fall leaves as they change colors"

Plus its fun to say!

Grandpa said...

Wow, pears galore! If you can mail me some pears I'll send over durians! Promise

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