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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Snaps

Just a few shots from this morning's chores.. its beautiful here now.

This lovely gal is one of The Bugs - aren't they getting big!?

Sunday Morning Brunch in the barnyard

Mr. Tibbles, Eliza, and Jane:

Turks in the morning...

This is what Nibbles has to say to me this morning.  I think we can all take her meanin.' Goats. Sheesh!

And a new arrival... I had to help pip him out of the shell. He got some of the way out yesterday but the membrane dried and he was stuck. With a dozen or so overinterested cats trying to break the bathroom door down I gently worked to free him from his pod.

Here's lookin' at you, kid. Welcome to The Whole Wide World!

Happy 10-10-10 Sunday!


Melanie said...

Nice chicks and turkeys! Since you have bourbons would you mind taking a look at my blog and see if you can tell if one is a Tom? I'm clueless!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Yep! Its so great that you have a trio! We started with 3 and had 17 at one time.. you really are "in the money" if you let them set clutches. Just so's ya know.. younger males are called "jakes." But your guy will be a tom soon enough. Great work!

Grandpa said...

Wow, so many! And they look real healthy.

Can see the sunshine - must be a glorious day!

Chai Chai said...

No matter what you do or say one of the animals just has to eat its food from inside the food dish. Great looking turkeys, they look about done...Thanksgiving a'comin.

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