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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scapes and Snaps

OK, so maybe I didn't plant 90,000 garlics last fall... but there were a bunch of them. I snapped off the rest of the scapes yesterday and this is the nice basketful that I got...

The Great Scape Harvest of 2013

How about a few happy snaps of what's going on here? I've been scrambling to get some last minute planting done also. I'm putting in some of this blue corn - we'll see if it makes it.  I think it will. I saved it from last year.

It's always amazing to me that this one little ear will plant a small patch of corn.

We are still most thrilled about how all of our summer fruit is coming along. I planted these little apple trees in the front garden just to have something nice to look at... and they fruited like crazy!

This sweet little apple is just lovely.

And we always have something cute going on. This little duck momma valiantly tried to set two nests (in a row) and only was able to hatch this one ducklet. We think.

This little duck momma is as fierce as a wild cat. We had to wear gloves to take up her nest.

I found this little guy running around in the yard and we couldn't figure out who he belonged to. So we snuck him under this momma late that nite and she's been taking care of him ever since. He's a scream...very adorable. We finally just had to take her off her nest. It was rotten and we were worried about her extremely long brood in this hot weather. Now they spend their days toddling around in the yard now. They are quite a pair.

We got a beautiful rain last nite. Everything I planted so far should be flying out of the ground this next week. The growing conditions have been fantastic this year and I can't really complain. I got done planting just in the nick of time. I'm standing by the phone right now waiting for the post to call - our next project is on its way!

Happy Thursday everyone! 

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Chai Chai said...

What kind of corn is that? I have been reading up on Painter Mountain Corn.


A short growing period and cold hardy.

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