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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Have you seen these projects?

I know the some amazing people. Have you seen these projects on Kickstarter?

You know Cold Antler Farm, right? She's getting funding to write a novel and backers can even participate in creating the story. You could even be a character. How great is that? Talk about the perfect gift for someone who has everything - do you know a character who should be in a book?

Next, I have a friend who is looking for funding his tiny house dream. Backers can get some fabulous photography and/or a CD of how the project comes together. Are you interested in a tiny house? This could be a great way to see how a project like this can come together.

Is this your dream?

As for me the only nifty project that I'll be working on this fall is to build a "lettuce table" so I can have fresh salad fixin's growing in my greenhouse this winter. But I don't need funding for that - I just have to get out there and do it.

Happy Thursday everyone! Do you know amazing people? Are they working on cool projects?

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buddeshepherd said...

I need another bottle of Four Roses...

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