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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I need to make a note that we got 20 bales of hay on Sunday. I'm trying to do a better job of tracking our hay use and also get ready to stock up. Last year we waited much too long.

In other news, our summer came roaring back. I wondered why it was so hot dang hot yesterday.... it was because it WAS hot. Almost 90* and tons of humidity. It was so cold on Saturday that I needed a knit hat when I was outside early. What a swing!

Zander helped me with the pigz again yesterday. He was a superstar!  The pigz are completely outgunned now. They didn't even try to come back around but stayed down near the woods. Good job, Bub! Kai was in a little bit of a snit because she didn't get to work... but she needs to rest her paw anyway. I think she stepped wrong on it the other day. She can do dinner chores with me tonite.

I need to get outside before the heat comes on... I'm still working on a clearing project and that is taking up most of my time.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are you starting to think about putting up hay? Do you have adorable cats?

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