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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Skillet Cake!

It's cake! In a skillet! It must be a breakfast food!

My shabby attempt at an arty cake picture. It is just reminding me that we have to paint the deck.

Immediately stop what you are doing and go and make this cake. I am not kidding. This is the easiest thing ever and it's so delish! And fun! Plus this gal is really terrific and she makes all kinds of fun stuff in skillets. Like pie. Her blog is beautiful. 

Last nite we were in desparate need of snacks. We had none. Due to poor planning and someone falling asleep in her chair down in the woods whilst grazing the goats... things did not go as we planned. However, we rallied. We did not achieve all of our objectives... but I did whip up this cake.

I think it took about 10 minutes of standing up time to put this together (including making the frosting) and about 18 minutes of pacing around waiting for it to bake. I used a slightly smaller skillet then the one recommended so it took a few more minutes in the oven. I'm not sure the skillet adds anything other than it was fun and it was really easy to do the first steps (boil the water, oil, and butter) and then mix the rest of the stuff in the same pan.

I was skeptical about the small measures of ingredients but this turned out perfectly. I didn't even need ice cream or caramel sauce. I did, in fact, eat some of it out of the pan.

Thank you so much to whoever shared this on 'the facebook' the other day. And also to my pal, AM, who suggesting using coconut oil instead of veg oil. I did that and it was fantastic.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Quick grab your skillet and make some breakfast...er... I mean.. cake!

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