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Friday, August 15, 2014

That pig is plenty big enough....

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo......


One of these pigz is plenty big enough and I'm tired of eating out of the bottom of the freezer. Soon, pig. Soon.

So, we had some hilarity. I decided to take Lucky into the pig yard with me as my second instead of Kai. Mostly because he needs more running and also because the pigz are getting big enough that they are starting to get pushy with my Most Excellent Good Dog#1. To be sure, Lucky is good with the poultry. He has a special sort of hatred for that gander....and the turkey. So I figured that he could add some muscle to Dog#1's reign of terror on the pigz.  Kai does a fine job but she need to learn more teamwork instead of working independently....and getting distracted by the ground hog hole.

It was a disaster.

Lucky could not have cared less and all he wanted was to drink the milk out of the bucket. There in the distance my glorious, good and true dog soldier, Titan, held two of the three pigz at bay and Lucky just stood there slowly wagging his tail at the spectacle.

Meanwhile the Curious Pig scooted around and walked up behind Lucky.

Wap-wap-wap... Lucky's tail smacked into Curious Pig's face. The pig didn't seem to mind.

"TURN AROUND AND GET IT!" I pointed and commanded the dog.

Lucky turned around and smiled. The Curious Pig smiled back.

"Will you be my friend?" Asked the Curious Pig.

"Sure!" Said Lucky.

"NO!" I screamed. "Sir!" I called to Titan, "Get over and and move this pig back! Lucky - get over here and guard momma!"

It kinda went like that. Lucky is back to Poultry Duty and Kai has been reinstated. We are moving up our plans to throw Zander into the mix. Now that... that should be interesting. Either it's going to go really well or we will be having an impromptu butchering session.

Then this happened later in the day. I'm pretty sure Nibs is trying to contact this cow.

Really, Nibbles?

Happy Friday everyone! Are your pigz about ready? Is your weirdest goat trying to contact the outside world?


Annie said...

Maybe Nibbles is just so vexed by dog behavior that a this was the best way she could execute a facepalm. "Facehoof" just doesn't work as well (though I hear that's a working title for a new goat social media site).

Unknown said...

Maybe Nibbs was being tree telepathic?

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