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Friday, August 1, 2014

It's not too late to plant!

It's true! It's not too late to plant!  I've been spending a lot of time ripping out spent planting, cleaning up the beds, and planting even more.

Check these fun radishes!

It's very weird around here - once you pass a certain date the store take all the seeds off the shelves. Thank heavens for ordering seeds online....and for ordering more earlier in the year so I have them now.

One of the fun things I've found is Easter Egg radishes. I can't wait for these to come up. We'll see how they go.

The weeds have been insane. While I'm glad for the rains lately.... they send the weeds into growing fits.

I'm not ashamed to show you my weeds. It was a jungle.

Much better. And I found some onions!

It took me a while to rip these weeds out and then stake up the tomatoes. I had written this bed off as a loss but wow! The sauce tomatoes are doing great - these are Romas.  I trellis tomatoes by using a 2x2 strung up horizontally between two lightweight Tposts. This works great.

Note: Bubby is as tall... or taller... than I am when he does this.

Next up..... our Zander tried to climb a tree. Silly Bubby... ah... if he ever figures out how to climb a tree we are all doomed. Especially that squirrel or whatever had a nest in the crook of the tree.

I love Zander's big fat face. He loves to "peel" tennis balls.

Then we played ball and everyone had a great time.

Happy Friday everyone!  Are you battling weeds? Planting late seeds?

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Heavens Door Acres said...

Jeesh! I can never get enough of those furry babies. So pretty, and such good companions for you there on the farm. I too am planting...pulling...canning...sighing. 1/3 of the potato's are out of the ground, beets and carrots going in. YAY for fall planting!

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