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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Comparing batches: Creepy Meat Update #5

Here are a few happy snaps of the Meat Rabble.... Batch 1 had a big day recently. We let them out of their pen to see the whole wide world. They were not impressed. Mostly they hung out in the garage and looked confused.

Batch 1 is just about ready. I'm going to eat every chicken in this room. Well. Not the Barred Rocks.

Some of Creepy Meats chased my feet in hopes of finding more food. Then they got to the edge of the garage and clung onto the cement floor. Apparently the ground is lava. Meat chickens are weirdos.

So we are at a little more than 7 weeks for Batch 1 of the Creepy Meats. A few of them are about to go to glory soon. Very soon. It depends on the weather but I'm expecting to have chicken dinner in my future.

The Barred Rocks we got with Batch 1 will soon go to live in the chicken house.  But that is really going to freak them out so I need to get them used to the idea. We'll be having "How to be a Real Chicken" training over the next week. I've brought in some experts - some of the laying hens - to provide instruction.

You can pick out Batch 2 - the larger ones - and also the Buff Orpingtons.

Batch 2 and 3 are still in the brooder. They are doing great and peeping along. With the warmer weather they will have to be moved to a bigger pen and start getting out into the real world.

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are your meats? Creepy?


Carolyn said...

We're planning on a Fall Creepy Meat Fest. Got goats comming out'a my ears right now so no time for the CM's until later.

Anonymous said...

I would love to do creepy meats, but I think I would need them processed for me, and then I am not sure how cost effective that is. love the blog

Amanda said...

Aren't you going to demonstrate "How to be a Real Chicken?" ...and I think you should post a video for everyone to watch... you know, in case we have a similar issue.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i'm laughing about goats coming out of your ears, Carolyn! ha!

actually, Lisa, it can be! check around. sometimes it's like $4 a bird. i know a lot of folks who do this and it works out really well. call around to "custom butchers" or contact your Extension office for processors near you.

Amanda, yesterday i was doing the chicken dance for them. i'm hoping it will work. i totes need a GoPro for these special moments.

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