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Monday, May 4, 2015

Tiny timesaver and garden dogs

No time to talk.... it's sunny and 80*! The dogs and I have been out there since very early this morning. We are rushing to get some planting done before it rains tonite.

Kai hates that bunny that has been teasing her. She can see it.

We've been working up on the hill. When I was done I had to disconnect the hose that I use for the garden - it's the same line of hoses that I use for the barnyard. We were working very very far away so there was a ton of water in the line. So what did I do?

I just dropped the hose into the bucket and let the water fill it up. Easy peasy!

I let it fill up one of the buckets. No sense in just letting it run out on the ground - so I used it to fill a bucket the ducks like to use. Will this save me all the time in the world? Nope. But it's good practice to be effective and efficient.

Zander was looking at the birds. Good thing he as a vertical leap of an old fat man with bad knees.

Today I'm working planting kale and lettuce. I'm trying to resurrect the starts from the now-infamous goose salad. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Monday everyone! Are you doing little things to save time in the garden? Are your dogs helping you?


Rebecca said...

We went to pick up our baby pigs this morning which shot my usual garden time to heck. When we got home it was hot, sunny and windy. I think I'll dig dandelions out of the shady flower beds until sundown and then back to the garden. I have a garden cat. He chases pretend mice through the straw mulch and lies down right where I'm about to dig.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Yay garden cats! and yay for pigz, Rebecca! great work!

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