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Friday, May 1, 2015

My new favorite hat!

I got a new hat- isn't it terrific?  If you are like me you need a good hat to wear everyday out there in the trenches. The truth is, I have incredibly fair skin and I can get a sunburn just walking past a picture of a sunny day. So I love a good hat.

New hat.

The best thing about my new hat is the very broad brim. It's comfy and will flip back into shape even if the barncat has been laying on it for hours. It's light and breezy but keeps the sun off your face. So far it's never blown off with the wind either. I'm totally recommending this one.

If you are headed out for battle.... I mean... gardening you'll need a good pair of gloves too. Sure I have a half a dozen of these lightweight onesfloating around...... and these water proof-ish ones that are great for working in the mud.

Hat and gloves. 

But when I need some good solid gloves to go up against brambles, blackberries, or that stupid wild rose.... these are the only gloves for me. I love these I love these gloves. You can even wash them!

We are having another sunny day so if you'll excuse me I'm going to grab my new hat, gloves, the dogs, and head out into battle.

Happy Friday everyone!!! Do you have a new hat? Do you need new gloves?

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Heavens Door Acres said...

My hat is a bit different. It is more like a "Gilligan" hat. So very comfy! Being Native American, one would think I don't "need" a hat. However, a few years back I ended up with sun poison on my forehead. Now, just 5 minutes in the sun, and right along my hair line, on my forehead, it will blister up terribly. Not worth taking a risk of cancer.

Vera said...

Love that hat....reminds me that I need to replace the one I was wearing last year because it has gone mouldy! (Was left outside in the mini greenhouse)

summersweet said...

Ha ha! That's my hat!!! I've had it about a year and you're right, it's great. Never blown off in the wind even without the chin strap. I bought it for myself after my dh ruined the previous one with some creative surgery for a cinco de mayo party... Yeah nobody touches my gardening gear. :)

Rebecca said...

"...get a sunburn walking past a picture of a sunny day." Hahahahahah! Oh, that is me for sure. I have a giant hat, too, that the cat actually sat on and it looks it. There's a bizarre peak in the crown. I don't mind looking odd in the garden but the slidy piece that holds it on in the wind is broken. I'm off to check out your hat.

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