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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Taters are up!

Need to quickly get this in my notes.... the potatoes are up!

They are up! Strawed in deeply and covered with a hoop to keep the chickens out.

These are from my mid-April planting. They have a while to go but no one is more excited than I am about seeing these tater sprouts.

We had a little rain last nite but we need a lot more if these taters are going to grow. Hopefully later today...

Happy Saturday everyone!


Rebecca said...

Dang, it's dry in southern PA! My early potatoes are up, too. My mom, who lives next door, helps me in the garden most mornings and always begins by asking what I want her to do. "Everything needs to be done and everything's urgent so take your pick," I always say. I planted beans and corn before our pathetic little shower on Saturday so tomorrow, for sure, it's straw the potatoes.

Erin said...

Mine are up as well, and the darn things have already got Colorado Potato Beetles all over them and they are about 4 inches tall. Ugh, planting in a big field garden is not for the weak :) Been handpicking and squeezing the little buggers til they pop much to the dismay of my garden plot neighbor (new gardener-city girl who dresses like a seed magazine cover girl in expensive boots and white blouses) who came over to find out what to do about them hahaha

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