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Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Life with Peep

My life with Peep goes largely like this....

she makes cute faces..... 

 ......and then when I get lured in and try to hug her. But all I get is Paws of  Fury.

This is tortitude.

We call her our fuzzy buzz saw.  The other day someone asked what "tortitude" was.... this... this, friends, is what tortitude is. What is she mad about? Nothing. She doesn't even need a reason.

The vet said that because Peep was our bottle raised singleton she would never take me seriously - and she doesn't.

To be sure she still will give me snuggles and kisses - but only if no one else is watching. And at night. And only one kiss. But just one then it's over. 

My life with an angry calico.

Happy Sunday everyone! Does anyone else life with a tortie with a 'tude?


Amanda said...

Haha! No I've got Siamese who are basically dogs in cats' bodies. The one in the video is yours? She's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Funny. Mine won't sit on our laps, without a blankie. We figure her first owner didn't allow that. Go figure!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yep, Amanda... that's my Peep in the video. isnt she something? ha! she is very very beautiful and was an adorable kitten!

Nancy, our Teddi Grumpkins has hated me every single day she has been here. we think whoever threw her out was an older guy who only fed her fried chicken and ice cream. oh the stories she could tell - mostly of her hatred for me. *sigh*

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