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Friday, May 22, 2015

Gotcha! Fooled You!...and 37*.

Yesterday we drove up to the very fancy and exciting Wilson's Garden Center for some hard-to-find peppers. We have only been able to find "Fooled You" jalapenos at Wilson's. I haven't even really been able to find the seeds anywhere.

Fooled you!

Fooled You is a mild jalapeno - they are terrific for jalapeno poppers or anything else. All the taste of the spicy peppers but without the heat. We just love them.

We were excited that, not only could we use our discounts dollars from our last trip, but Wilsons was also giving away a free sweet/bell pepper with any purchase! It's a new variety and they want to see how folks like it. I do not know how long that free give away is going on but we were thrilled for the freebies. 

We also took a tip from some friends and stopped at a mom-n-pop ice cream place. It was a terrific day.

I also need to note that it was 37* this morning. Seriously. I love the cool weather but nothing is going to grow if we don't get some heat. In the meantime, our meat chicks are completely out of control and we need to contain them.

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have a favorite pepper? How far would you drive to get it? We were in the car for a while yesterday.....


longtime wife said...

Try bakers creek heirloom seeds, they have a mild jalapeno I am tryin. I think it's a Tommy Tom or something along those lines. Their catalog is still free and it is a work of art! They have so many amazing varieties.
Rare seeds.com
I think it is.
I'm outside of Pittsburgh I hear you on this crazy weather!!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks, LTW! Did you get a frost/freeze? Honestly, I have things to do - I can't wait around for this weather to pass! ha!

Rebecca said...

Also from Baker Creek: Lipstick peppers. I grow them every year because even when we get plenty of heat (what's that??), typical bell peppers don't consistently ripen for me. Lipstick always does. Well, except for last year when my peppers, sweet and hot, didn't amount to a hill of...er...peppers. (Crossing my fingers is one of my regular garden chores.)

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