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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Lettuce Bucket is BACK!

Someone hand me a bucket - the lettuce is ready!

No one is happier than me to see real food right out there in my yard.

And basil! The basil is (kind of) ready too!

Happy Friday everyone! The lettuce bucket is BACK, baby! Are you eating dinner out of your yard?


IanH said...

Not yet, but soon, if the frost doesn't get it!

lizzybaxter said...

You know you can dry your basil, right? It is so much better than the junk in a jar too. I didn't plant any lettuce this year, and my broccoli is apparently not happening. Between my guineas, the chickens, and Rebel-No, it just didn't stand a chance. This is the second year in a row that broccoli is an epic fail. What else do you have in your garden this year?

Vera said...

We haven't planted lettuce this year because we planted late and lettuce tends to go to seed very quickly here once summer arrives, but looking forward to raiding our veg plot with my own bucket in a few weeks, once everything gets going. Glad we changed our minds about growing veg this year. Nothing like seeing little seedlings start breaking through the soil

David said...

I did eat dinner from the garden! Stir fry of radish and beet root thinnings, along with a couple green onions, some chard and kale.

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