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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The farmiest of farm days!

Yesterday we had the farmiest of all farm days. We did it all - I started the day going to the feedstore and we ended with a cool evening walk in our woods.

I'm still working on the computer/pictures thing so here is my magnificent Zander. He was guarding the gate when I got back from the feedstore. No wonder our UPS guy hates our house. The Dread Commander Zander Hannibal BoneCrusher is impressive.

We had action, adventure,...and mowing. No, I did not break anything. But we cleaned a lot of dead rats out of the chicken house so that was awesome.

We did chores, butchered the last of our 3 original creepy meats, we chased the rest of the Chicken Mayhem out of my hostas, we fixed the fences, grazed the goats, mowed, tilled, fertilized, planted, and had burgers from our own home made ground pork.

It was hot but we worked anyway.

We raked barn litter, trimmed trees, and weeded the garden.

I found a tick on Nicholas's bottom. Check your inside-only cats, people. We couldn't believe that tick attached to Nicholas. I'm sure it came in with the dogs. Or me. I swear I feel a tick on me right now.
*hops around waving arms and yelling*

Our Itty Bitty - no tick on her tailfeathers.

We even had ice cream. I'm telling you it was a the farmiest of farm days.

What's on the agenda for today? More of the same.

Happy Thursday everyone! I'll catch up when I can!


Onevikinggirl said...

Nicholas!! Yeah!!!!
(so you have ticked him off then? I'll see myself out...)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

oh boy, Onevikinggirlk.... *sigh*
ha! :-D

Weekend Cowgirl said...

You are doing all the things I need to be doing if it will just stop raining! I love doing farm chores for the most-part!!!

Vera said...

Oh the long days of summer!

Vintage Maison said...

I've had two ticks on me so far this year. Yuk. Can't stand the little b*ggers! Sounds like you've got good weather to do all the chores - we've been lucky too so far.

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