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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday scenes

Just a few happy snaps from today...

 What is there to say about this? 

Miss Dash finally hatched her one egg.. the only successful hatch for her this year. I think she is a little nutty right now. Hopefully she'll get her feet under her. Isn't this little one dreamy?  See the little "bean" on the end of his nose? That helps him get out of the shell.

Our Shine has the situation under control.

We went and got a round bale of oat straw today. We'll letcha know if it works out or not. Generally we get straw by the square bale for $2.50 each from an old timer just down the road. However, he was out for the season so we thought we'd try a $30 round bail. The gal used a tractor to load it in the back of Big Red... but if you're determined and resourceful enough.. you don't need no stinkin' tractor to get it out and into the garage. Uh-rah!

This is Bobbie.. we rarely get close enough to get a pic of her. She's the business.
So far the good news is that the straw wasn't threshed and many of the heads are still on the stems... so free food for the hens who are having a big time with it. But, its dusty, weedy, and the stems are really long. I don't know how this will do for bedding and such. But its definitely $30 worth of fun for the chickens.

Nibbles is out standing in her field.

If you're wondering.. Nibbles is not lonely at all. Generally folks say that a goat by itself is a misery for all. But not Nibbles. She's very happy. The Meeps are keeping her company. Debbie is still off at the breeder and Vita won't be back until the spring.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Unknown said...

That has to be the cutest duckling ever! Give Miss Dash a treat from me.

Mr. H. said...

A very cute little ducky you have there, hope the cat does not see him. We have a very business cat too, he does a great job on vole patrol around our gardens.

Guess what! I recently found an old Gene Logsdon book at the used store called "Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills: A Revival of Forgotten Crafts, Techniques, and Traditions" and it has the most interesting information about a couple (Harlan and Anne Hubbard)that lived along the Ohio river. Now I need to find a book about them.:)

Grandpa said...

What a cute and dreamy little one! You think she's safe with Shine lurking around?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

thanks Java! Dash said to tell your duck, Fran, to be sure to keep those new goaties in line!

Great Work Mr. H! Dontcha just love Gene? He's a good ol' guy. And really knows his stuff. He's one in a million, for sure.

And not to worry Mr. H and Grandpa... the funny thing is - with all the little chicks and ducklings we've had.. the barn cats totally leave them alone. We even had one little momma brood in the garage where the barncats are locked up at nite - no problems.

However we did have one scare, Shine came in the barn with something small and yellow in his mouth. I screamed for my hubby, sure Shine had a chick.. but nope. He caught a little bird right out of the air. Some folks have "Livestock Guardian Dogs".. i think Shine is a Poultry Guardian Cat! He really knows his stuff.

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