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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Run, run, run, run.... STOP!

Darla and Daisy have the run arounds..... actually they have the run-up-on-me's.  They do the runny-funnies all the time - aren't they hilarious?

This is me sitting in the chair trying to encourage them to come into the new pasture and graze. The little ones are really bouncy and love to run around. Or run right up to me then stop....and run away. They think this is the funnest thing ever.

Daisy is a goof.

Daisy is the Dahlia-mini-me...her markings are almost exactly the same. Darla just has that one little splash on her head and some "frosting" on her nose. They are very funny together and spend all day running and jumping.

 Darla is very cute - she always looks slightly surprised.

Unfortunately they figured out that Grandma Debbie also has an udder and they have been sipping off her. You'll remember that we had a heck of a time getting Dahlia to stop nursing off Debbie. I have a feeling these two little ones are going to be trouble as well. But with this new pasture we can more easily separate them. 

Daisy and Darla will be with us for a while. They are starting to help the big goats graze down all the brambles around here. Good work, little goaties!

Happy Wednesday everyone - do you have little goaties with the runny-funnies?


Traci Sumner said...

This week, we DO NOT have funny goats. We have super naughty, going to ship or butcher goats. We've been setting up an electric fence around the yard and moving them to it every day and back to their permanent fence at night. It's amazing what a shake of corn can lead those guys to. Until this week, when they decided that "heck with that awesome patch of brush and bushes and tall grass that she weed-whacked around for us - let's go for her burning bush, and her lily trees, and the asparagus patch"

Why did I let them go to all these places? I didn't, they have now learned to resist the siren's call of the corn shaking in the feed bucket and madness and mayhem have resulted in goats all over the blasted yard - 7 of them in 7 different directions.

They are on house arrest and can longingly look at the grass and brush and have to be happy with their crappy hay and the tall weeds I whacked down for them.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Awww they are too cute! I want goats sooooo bad! I loved that video because to me there are few things cuter than little goats running and hopping around.

Visiting from Rurality blog hop :)

Anonymous said...

Daisy is adorable ~ fun post ~ thanks, ^_^

Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! Traci, arent they something? ugh!ps i hope you have a scythe!

hi Terri, thanks! :-)

hey ONoftheW! thanks for stopping by - i'm a big fan. you helped inspire me to make maple syrup this year.

hi acreativeharbor! thanks for stopping by. :-)

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