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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First and only strawberry?

This could be my only strawberry but I was thrilled to find it!

The rest of my strawberry plants are looking kind of lame. I didn't see any other berries out there. I'm hoping the huge rains we had yesterday and last night will invigorate the plants. We really needed a good soaking and got it. I might also suspect a bunny out there.... looks like I'll have to take Kai out to see if we have a varmint.

I'll be checking the rest of the strawberry plants today but it looks like I'll be hitting up the u-pick place later this week.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you find any berries?

ps Thanks for all the support yesterday about my computer situation... I'm getting everything in order and have not broken it....yet.


Vera said...

Now that is one juicy strawberry! No strawberries here, apart from a few wild strawberries but only if they escape my man's lawn mowing activities!

Vintage Maison said...

I lent our neighbour the strimmer so he could cut another elderly neighbour's grass. He gave me 25 little strawberry plants as a thank-you! Didn't really need to be thanked but was very grateful. We've had about 20 strawberries so far, which isn't many but next year, should be good.

Kellie from Indiana said...

My strawberries were attacked last year by pill bugs (roly polies). I have to keep the fruit away from the dirt which is a challenge but it helps.

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