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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's like herding little bugs....

You'll remember that I said that Batch 2 and Batch 3 of the creepy meats were not big enough to be outside yet... but that it has been so warm that we couldn't have them in the brooder. So we let them loose in the garage.

Get back into the garage you cheeky chick!

But alas, since everything put under your hand will rebel against you..... this happened.

It's like herding bugs.

This gang of chicks is pretty far ranging. Apparently they have places to go and things to do. There is no stopping them. They have gotten over or under every barrier that we've put up. There is no stopping them.

Just before our storms the other nite I ran out to shove as much of the barnyard as possible into shelter. Our priority is whoever is most vulnerable and most valuable. And if you run the other way then we just wish you luck.... and we run back into the house.

Dog#1 helped me with the goats and chickens. Pretty much I just need to bring him into the hen and goat yard and the troops start running as fast as they can into the hen house. The goats also run. Fast. So not only is My Most Excellent Good Sir well trained - so are the chicken hordes. I was able to gather everyone up within just a few minutes.

I need to get these little chickens under control but now that they've had a taste of freedom - anything could happen.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Are you herding bugs?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Herding fleas....HAHA! We haven't even thought about the "creepy meats" yet. Too much going on around here to add another into the mix....soon, I hope....soon.

Vera said...

Just hatched 18 chicks in our new incubator. Forgot what a delight it is to hatch chicks!

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