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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mighta dinged up my computer....

Yeah so... you know that thing I do with the mowers..... or the tiller..... or anything else of value?  It finally struck down my trusty laptop.

*** I have no pictures so imagine one here ***

It was a hard weekend full of false accusations of "doing it on purpose," of "that's no way to treat an expensive piece of technological equipment," and so forth and so on.

I tried to take my deadish laptop to the Nerd Herd where they shrieked gales of laughter as they ripped open the laptop and shook out about a cup of flour and three pounds of dog and cat hair. After composing themselves they said the laptop was dead and to just get another one.... and that was no way to treat an expensive piece of technological equipment.

Yesterday finally, The Big Man took me firmly by the hand, marched me into the Big Computer Store where I was instructed Not To Touch Anything, and led me back to The Cheap and Good Enough stack of computers.

I got one. I'm still setting it up. That's where I've been all weekend. *sigh*

Did everyone enjoy their weekend?

OFG, Breaker of Things. I am the reason we don't have anything nice.


Heather said...

I feel your pain Sista! My husband buys only industrial grade anything for me as it doesn't stand a chance otherwise.

IanH said...

I suppose it could have been worse! Wait a minute. How?
Good luck on getting it set up, and thank God for an understanding hubby. :-}

Rebecca said...

Well, then, (she huffs) how are we supposed to take advantage of the miracle of on-line recipes if the computer can't take the occasional sprinkle of flour? Weenie.

lizzybaxter said...

I too bear the label of Breaker of Things and The Reason All Our Stuff is Crappy. I ran the riding mower over loads of baling string and got to cut it out with a pocket knife while on the ground with my head in the dirt, as the dog pawed at my head, thinking it was a new game.

I understand.

I last corresponded with you a couple of years ago, and finally began a blog (Carolinthecountry.blogspot.com). I think I am the Southern version of you. Kind of scary, really.

I took my old, dead computer in to The People so they could try to put my important things onto my new laptop, and they were all laughing too. They wondered how I had even gotten such an outdated, decrepit piece of **** to even turn on.

David said...

i think you were a Beserker in a previous life. Yes, that's it.

Nancy said...

You do know computers are male don't you. All that tech stuff is. Last weekend was dangerous for our computer too. Thankfully my husband was able to rescue and back up everything. I pads are great and so far less troublesome for viewing. The filing and printing things need a computer. Those nerd people are just to bait you into false hope. Don't beat yourself any more.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Heather, I'm beginning to think it's some kind of superpower... ha!

Thanks, Ian, at least I got my money's worth on that old one. And yes, my hubs has accepted that I am the cross he has to bear. He dutifully follows me around thru life fixing everything I ruin. :-)

Yes, Carol... yes in deed... all of our stuff is crappy because of me... or the cats. It's like we are in cahoots... *sigh* ps thanks for the link!

That seems like the most reasonable explanation yet, Dave....

I dare not mention any of the apple products, Nancy, no one hate Steve Jobs and His Expensive Fancy Machines more than my hubs... ha!

Anonymous said...

I laughed pretty hard when I read this and even harder when I read all the comments! That is why I read this blog--information AND entertainment

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